Mysteries of Israel | 5 days mystical tour

5 days mystical tour

5 days mystery tour

Discover Israel in an unexplored and new way. Israel is the land of religion and mysticism. In this small piece of land the 3 great religions and their mystical traditions started. Kabala, Gnosticism and Sufism all have their roots in Israel. Worship of the goddess has very ancient roots here, and ancient megalithic stone circles were found here. Legends of the Holy Grail and the mysterious Templars started here and the most impressive esoteric temple of the ancient world stood here. Israel has many sacred sites, special places and buildings to visit. It is a treasure of symbolism, sacred architecture and art.

We invite you to explore the mysteries of Israel with us. You will be surprised to find how many connections exist between this place, your home country and your own personal spiritual beliefs. All cultures of history came here and all nations of today are represented here.  Whether you are a New Age follower, skeptic, Christian, Muslim or Jew, Israel offers a place to discover yourself.




Day 1: Mysteries of Jerusalem
We will start our tour in Jerusalem. On the Temple Mount stood the Jewish temple for a thousand years, the most important and impressive building in the whole ancient world. We will visit the impressive archeological excavations of the southern and western walls of the Temple Mount, and see models and presentations of the Temple in ancient times. From there we will go to the City of David and to the Siloam spring and pool, to get a sense of how the city looked in ancient times. We will go up to Mount Zion and see David's tomb – a sacred Jewish place – as well as the room where the Last Supper was held, and the Dormition Abbey, which is a mystery temple dedicated to Mary and the feminine principle.

After lunch in one of the restaurants of the Old City, we will enter the territory of Christianity: we will drive to the Mount of Olives, visit an unknown Sufi shrine and some of the churches on the mount, have a beautiful panoramic view of the city, and start walking down the Mount of Olives in the footsteps of Jesus when he entered Jerusalem. In the valley of Kidron we will visit the tomb of Virgin Mary, All Nations church and the Avshalom tomb, and end with a tea break and meditation. Night in Jerusalem


 Day 2: Mysteries of Jerusalem
In the morning we will go up the Temple Mount to the Dome of the Rock, the holiest place for the Muslims in Jerusalem. We will tell the story of the night journey of Muhammad and Islamic mysticism. Going out of the complex we will walk the Via Dolorosa, to finish in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the holiest place for Christians around the world. There we will concentrate on 3 sacred objects: the silver chalice, spear of destiny and a sacred sword. We will also visit the Coptic Church, which continues the Christian Gnostic tradition.
After lunch we will continue strolling through the gentle streets of the Christian and Armenian quarters to see places such as the enigmatic Syrian church, Armenian complex, Franciscan complex and more…in the afternoon we will reach the city citadel and museum to finish with another spectacular view of Jerusalem. In the evening, after dinner, we will have a night stroll on the walls of the Old City. Night in Jerusalem


Day 3: Mysteries of the Judean desert and the Dead Sea
This day is dedicated to the Judean desert and the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth. We will start by seeing hermit dwellings in the canyon of Wadi Kelt and hearing about the special desert monasticism that developed in the Judean desert. From there we will go to the Qumran, where the Essenes lived and tried to create a pure society. Passing through the desert oasis of Ein Gedi we will drive to Masada, a place of power, where the last battle between the Jewish freedom fighters and the Romans was fought.

During this day we will bathe in the Dead Sea and enjoy the desert quiet. In the evening we will drive through the Jordan Valley to Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee, where we will spend the night. Night in Tiberias 


 Day 4: Mysteries of the Galilee -Sea if Galilee and Nazareth
This day's emphasis will be following the footsteps of Jesus. We will start by going to Nazareth and Mount Tabor; from there we will drive to the Sea of Galilee to see the sites of Kfar Nahum, Mount of Beatitudes and lakeside churches. In the evening we will go back to the hotel in Tiberius, and possibly have a night cruise on the Sea of Galilee or go to the hot springs. Night in Tiberias 


 Day 5: Mysteries of the Galilee - Tzfat and Haifa
We will start by going to Tzfat, the center of Jewish mysticism and Kabala. In Tzfat we will visit the unique synagogues and meet Kabala artists.
From there we will drive through the upper Galilee to the Baha'i center and gardens in Haifa. In this world wonder , we will see the beautiful gardens and hear a bit about the new Baha'i religion and their suggested solutions to world problems. We will finish the day and the trip by driving back to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.


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