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6 days mystic christianity

Mysteries of the rosary – 6 day tour

The rosary is a Roman Catholic sacramental and Marian devotion to prayer and the commemoration of Jesus and events of his life. The term "Rosary" is used to describe both a sequence of prayers and a string of prayer beads used to count the prayers. It is at the center of catholic spirituality and devotion. The Rosary is a sequence of 20 episodes in the life of Jesus and mother Mary which is divided to 4 groupings: 5 episodes relate to the joyful mysteries, 5 to the sorrowful mysteries, 5 to the glorious mysteries, and 5 to the luminous mysteries. In our tour of Israel we will follow the sequence of these 20 mysteries by being in the places where they happened, seeing Christian art and architecture that has to do with them and meeting with Christian nuns, monks and clergy that will elaborate on the different mysteries. Following the 20 mysteries covers visiting all the important Christian sites in Israel and does so in a fresh, coherent and revealing way.

This special tour is aided by the "congregation of the holy rosary sisters" – a monastic congregation that started in Israel 140 years ago following an apparition of Mary to a young Christian Arab girl by the name of Mary Alphonsine. It is the only Arab speaking woman congregation in the world, and the only one established in Israel. We will explore the unknown and amazing stories of apparitions of Mother Mary in the holy land during the last 150 years.

Our tour covers a whole range of subjects, places, monastic orders and spiritual traditions that have to do with mother Mary. We will visit of the beaten track holy churches and sites like "Mary of the ark of the covenant" and "Mary our lady of Palestine" in the Judean Mountains, The Marian institute in Nazareth, and more. We will get inspired from great figures that have representation here in Israel, like Teresa of Avilla, saint klara, St Dominicus, Santa Catherina of Seina, St Francis, and more

Each participant of the tour will get a special rosary upon arrival and will be invited to pray and meditate according to the rosary liturgical week, with the help of the sisters




1st day – joyful mysteries - Galilee

After breakfast we will start to explore Nazareth and the first mystery of joy – "Mystery of the Annunciation". We will visit the beautiful church which was built in the 60th as a temple for Marian devotion, the nearby Marian institute and the cobbled streets and markets.

After lunch we will go to a nearby village - Jaffa in the Galilee, were an apparition of Mary was recorded 120 years ago, as in Lurd in france or Fatima in Portugal.

Haifa – Stella Maris and the Carmelite nuns. Mary intervened and saved a child that fell into deep water well. We will hear this amazing story from the sisters of the rosary.

Drive to Haifa for a visit of Stella Maris – the mother church of the Carmelite order and a place of Marian worship.  Encounter with the work of 2 important Carmelite nuns that are represented in the church – Teresa of Avila and Idit stein.

Stella Maris is also an important historical and scenic place associated with the prophet Elijah. We will see the city of Haifa and visit the Bahai gardens nearby – one of the world wonders


2nd day - luminous mysteries - Galilee

After breakfast we will drive on to Cana in the Galilee, site of the First Miracle which is one of the luminous mysteries – "Mystery of the The Wedding at Cana". We will try to figure out what is the hidden meaning of turning water to wine according to the church fathers.

Drive to the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus proclaimed the "Mystery of the Kingdom of God" – second of the luminous mysteries. We shall visit the heptagonal church that was built by the Italian architect Berluzzi and the nearby beautiful Domus Galilee. 
Proceed to Tabgha, where we shall visit the Church of the Loaves and the Fish and the Church of Mensa Christi, where Jesus elected Peter as His Representative on Earth.
Driving along the North shores of the Sea of Galilee we shall reach Capernaum, the town where Jesus lived in the house of Peter performing from there his miracles and healings. We will visit the ancient synagogue which was the first place where the Eucharist was mentioned – another of the luminous mysteries – "Mystery of theInstitution of the Eucharist". Drive to mount tabor – the place of the luminous "Mystery of the transfiguration"/ And from there we will be return to Nazareth


3rd day - sorrowful mysteries - Jerusalem

In the morning we will drive to Jerusalem via the Jordan valley, visiting on the way the place of baptism – the last of the luminous mysteries – "Mystery of The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan". We will approach Jerusalem from the east, as Jesus did, and dedicate the rest of the day to the sorrowful mysteries:

 The first site is Gethsemane in Mount of Olives, which has to do with the "Mystery of agony in the garden".

We will continue to Notre dame complex where there is a special room dedicated to reconstruction of the suffering of Jesus based on the shroud of Turin. We will see the scourging suffered by Jesus and consider the "Mystery of the scourging at the pillar".

In the afternoon we will start walking the Via Dolorosa and the first site will be the beautiful church of condemnation built by Berluzzi at the place of the second station. This church embodies in its architecture and art the "mystery of the crowning with thorns"

 We will walk along the Via Dolorosa, contemplating on the way the "mystery of carrying of the cross" and finish the day with a memorable visit to the Holy sepulcher – the place of crucifixion and resurrection, and rejoice in the glorious "mystery of the resurrection"

Overnight in the Rosary Sisters guesthouse in Jerusalem



4th day - glorious mysteries – Judean Mountains

After breakfast we will drive to Emmaus – a place where Jesus appeared before the disciples after his resurrection, in order to continue and delve into the "Mystery of the resurrection".

In the beautiful Judean mountains we will go to see places that have to do with Marian devotion and apparitions: the covenant and church of "our lady of the covenant" in Kiryat Yearim and the covenant and church of "our lady of Palestine" in Dir Rafat Dir rafat

These places are quite and offer good opportunities for reflection and meditation.

In the afternoon we will visit the new city of Jerusalem, including Yad Vashem, the Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and the Israeli museum.


5th day - joyful mysteries – Judean Mountains and Jerusalem

We will start early and go up to the Temple Mount. Were the Jewish temple stood in Jesus time. We shall visit the archeological excavations around the temple mount and see reconstruction model of the temple, discussing the "mystery of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple", and the "mystery ofthe Finding of Jesus in the Temple". As we stroll along the streets of the Jewish quarter we will get acquainted with the Jewish story of Jerusalem and the revival of the state of Israel. During the tour we will see the Wailing Wall – holiest place for Jews in the world and the dome of the rock – holiest place for Muslims.

Drive to Bethlehem for a visit of the church of nativity and "the mystery of nativity"

In the afternoon we will visit Ein Karem – the birth place of John the Baptist. In the church of visitation we will contemplate the "mystery of visitation" and the meeting of Mary with Elizabeth. In Ein karem there are 2 stories that have to do with apparitions of Mary. The first has to do with the founder of the rosary sisters congregation – Mary alphonsine, and the second with the Sisters of Zion and ratisbon apparition. We will be guided into these amazing stories by the sisters.


6th day - glorious mysteries - Jerusalem

In this day we will visit places in Jerusalem that have to do with the 4 remaining mysteries – all of them glorious.

After breakfast we will go to mount Zion to visit the place of the last supper. This is the same place of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples – "Mystery of the Descent of the Holy Spirit". Nearby is the place of Dormition, beautiful German abbey and church with a crypt dedicated to Marian devotion and apparitions

We will continue to Mount of Olives to the place of ascension – "Mystery of the Ascension", visit the Chapel of the Ascension, the Church of the Pater Noster and have a wonderful panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem. Walking down the Mount of Olives, we shall reach the Church of Dominus Flevit for the visit and proceed to Mary's tomb in the Kidron Valley – "Mystery of the assumption of Mary".

To conclude our tour we will go visit a place that commemorate the apparition of Mary as queen of heaven before St Dominic and Santa Catherina - the church and complex of St atien – "Mystery of the Coronation of the Virgin". In the evening we will go and meet with the clarissian sisters and hear their beautiful singing at St Clair covenant.


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