Mysteries of Israel | weekend in petra

weekend in petra

petra is only 2-3 hours drive from the israeli border, and can be combined as a 3 day tour inside the israel tour itineraries or as a separate tour by itself. the border crossing in near eilat


3 day plan

Day 1. To Petra

On this day, we will make our way across the Jordanian border to Petra – one of the wonders of this world. Petra was the capital of the Nabateans - mysterious people who worshipped earth energies and the sky.

We will reach Petra by noon and start discover the city, there are more than 700 sites in a large area, but we will concentrate on the main ones, in the afternoon we will begin with little Petra and tell the story of the Nabateans and the Forbidden City

Night in Petra

Day 2 Petra sites

The day will start by walking through the sik to the temple of the hazana, at the entrance of Petra. From there we will ascend to the altar mountain, one of the energy points of Petra, and descend to the main street

After lunch break within Petra we will continue to discover the different sites, see the temple of kos – god of the mountains, the tombs of the kings and the monastery complex

Night in Petra

Day 3 mount Aaron

The day will start early with a unique journey to mount Aaron, the most sacred site in south Jordan and the area of Petra, on this mountain high priest Aaron is buried. The mountain is the focal point of all the energy lines and sacred architecture of Petra. The journey will be done on foot, or with the help of donkeys and jeeps, it is an exceptional experience. The feeling and views on top of the mountain are superb.

Around lunchtime, we will make our way to Eilat in Israel, arriving in the evening and either driving to tel aviv or catching a flight


Price - upon request