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Judaism, kabala, Free masons,  christianity, Islam ,Sufism, Interfaith and other themes


Day tours Galilee 

Judaism, christianity, Bahai and Druze, Megalithic stone circles,Sufism, Kabala, and other themes


Thematic day tours

The Goddess, Feminine Divinity, Free masons. Sacred architecture, Megalitic, Sufi tours, and more


Full itineraries 

ten to five days full programmes, that reveals different mystic traditions in the Holy Land


Israel is the land of religion and mysticism. In this small piece of land the 3 great religions and their mystical traditions started. Kabala, Gnosticism and Sufism all have their roots in Israel. Worship of the goddess has very ancient roots here, ancient megalithic stone circles are found here. Legends of the Holy Grail and the mysterious Templars started here and the most impressive esoteric temple of the ancient world stood here. Israel has many sacred sites, special places and buildings to visit. It is a treasure of symbolism, sacred architecture and art.

We invite you to explore the mysteries of Israel with us. You will be surprised to find how many connections exist between this place, your home country and your own personal spiritual beliefs. All cultures of history came here and all nations of today are represented here.  Whether you are a New Age follower, skeptic, Christian, Muslim or Jew, Israel offers a place to discover yourself. We offer long and short tour itineraries of the mysteries of Israel, including day tours on different themes throughout the Galilee and the rest of Israel, and special tours in Jerusalem.

Israel mysteries was established and being run by Mr. zeev ben arie: M. A on religions, mystic, writer, Sufi dancer, and one of the most experienced and acknowledged tour guide in Israel, who guides on esoteric subjects for more than 30 years in Israel and around the world

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Mystic Christian tour

Six or eight days tour following the mysteries of the rosary in Jerusalem and Galilee.



Desert weekends, Petra

In the desert, where life is scarce, there are different kinds of life. combine tour to israel with visit to petra - wonder of the world 



Tour services

We can design your own tour and provide all tour services. you can enjoy our private guest room in the Galilee and excpert guidance


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