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Dear Zeev,
Thank you so much for the article, and for being so good to us in Israel. I can't imagine having a richer, more intense, or more moving experience of the country than the one you offered us. Nor can I believe I've already been and gone - my head is so stuffed with the sounds (your music especially tastes, and images of art, architecture, history, and people that I think sometimes it's going to explode!

I really do thank you, and hope someday to see you again either in Israel or in Egypt or Turkey, on one of your tours. You've got me hooked on the Middle East now, and I know I'll be back.

Jennifer Webb
Communications Manager
UBC Museum of Anthropology


Dear Zeev.
Thank you for opening up the wonders of israel for me and my friends.

Since Israel I have been back in Albania and twice to New York. I want to thank you so very much for your services.Our experience with you was wonderful and far more than just a guide. Thank you Zeev. Perhaps you may be thinking of a trip to the US and maybe Colorado. Let me then be your guide!

Norman Gershman
International photographer based in Aspen Colorado

letter of recommendation
Zeev was an outstanding guide for my group of students from the queen’s university in Belfast. He has a real passion to his work and he guided and encouraged the students so well. There were no questions he couldn’t answer and he teaches us so much every day. We will insist on having him for our future tours

Professor patton taylor
Queens university, Belfast. 

Within only 2 days I was guided through the complex cultural background of Jerusalem's history. I now feel connected to the spiritual history of this ancient city. Zeev is someone very unique; his knowledge is very impressive and deep. I warmly recommend zeev to everybody who is interested in more than the typical touristic tour.

Iris von Tiedeman.
Berlin Germany

Everything you told us about the history of the ancient times was so interesting and inspiring. What you showed me and lead me into moved me profoundly. I am so thankful to you from my heart and appreciate your guiding very much

Arthur birger  torms

After only 2 days I find myself with a deep understanding of this complicated and multilayered city of Jerusalem. Zeevs solid knowledge of ancient history, old and new religions, and familiarity of the city and its people makes him a jewel of a guide.

Cylla von Tiedemann,
Toronto. Canada

Zeev was our "lion of Bethlehem", the most knowledgeable and enlightened guide you could wish for, who introduces you to the hidden treasures and mysteries of the holy city, as it is your home too. Profound and eloquent understanding from an esteemed academic family, zeev explains the most complex historical intrigues with simplicity, grace and humor.

Linda tucker, ceo
Global white lion protection trust

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