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Jewish tours Jerusalem

Jewish tours in jerusalem - one day excursions upon request
These daily tours can be combined to create a tailor-made, few days’ tour on Jewish themes in Israel and Jerusalem.

1. Temple Mysteries
A temple is a place where chaos turns into cosmos (order). Here is the foundation rock of the world; the building of the Temple was the founding act of Jewish ritual. At its time, the Temple was the most impressive building in the world, full of magic and secrets.

We will start our tour by going up the Temple Mount, where the Jewish Temple stood for a thousand years, the most important building in the entire ancient world. Today it is the site of yet another impressive building – the Dome of the Rock. We will discuss the reasons for building the Temple in this exact spot and the consequences of this act. Afterwards we will visit the impressive archeological excavations of the southern and western walls of the Temple Mount, and see models and presentations of the Temple in ancient times. We will tell the history of the Temple from its building, through the different phases of its existence, to its destruction.

We will continue our tour by going to the Jewish quarter of the Old City and visiting the Temple Institute, where the Temple comes to life again through the reconstruction of its utensils, clothes and objects. We will finish by visiting a few synagogues and learning how Temple worship continues through Jewish prayer.

2. The City of David and Mount Zion - Here it all started
King David decided, 3,000 years ago, to make Jerusalem his capital and to build a permanent house for the dwelling of God, thereby establishing an everlasting connection between the city, his dynasty, the people of Israel, and God. At the time, Jerusalem was a small village that centered around the spring of Shiloh.

We will start our tour in the valley of Hinom and walk down to the pool of Shiloh. The open fields surrounding the site give the sense of how it was 3,000 years ago. From there we will visit the Hezekiah tunnel, and walk through the houses of Siloam village to the archeological park of David’s city.
We will continue on to the valley of Kidron to see impressive mausoleums from the period of the Second Temple, and from there, either by foot or car, move on to nearby Mount Zion. We will also visit the Last Supper room, Dormition Abbey and David's tomb, and finish with the spectacular view of Jerusalem from Petro's Galicantos.

3. Kabala tour
Kabala is the Jewish mystical tradition. It started to appear in messianic circles more than 2,000 years ago and was based on secret interpretations of the Bible and the prophets’ visions. The secrets of Kabala appear in the topography of Jerusalem, in the Temple’s dimensions and utensils, and in the story of Jewish history in Jerusalem. We will relate to all these subjects and more during this special tour.

We will start by going to David’s citadel and getting a panoramic view of the city. From there we will go to Christ Church to see a model of the tabernacle and the Temple. We will walk the streets of the Jewish quarter, encountering the many synagogues and kabalistic artists. Then we will concentrate on three figures who lived in Jerusalem and had key roles to play in Jewish mysticism: the first is Nahmanides, who established the Jewish quarter in the 13th century. The second is the divine Ari, who was born in Jerusalem in the 16th century and made Kabala what it is. The third is Rabbi Shalom Sha'arabi from Yemen, who was the head of the first kabalistic yeshiva in the 18th century.



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