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Astrology has been practiced from the most ancient of times. The Egyptians, Romans, Babylonians and Persians all believed in astrology. Each of these cultures ruled over Israel and left its footprints here. The Jews, Christians and Muslims believed in astrology as well. Astrology is an integral part of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim beliefs. It appeared in mosaics in ancient synagogues, in the temple and in the 12 tribes of Israel. It appears in Christian symbology and liturgy, as well as in Islamic architecture.

According to astrology, Israel is a microcosm of the entire world and universe. Therefore it is divided into 12 areas, each of which is under the influence of an astrological sign. This division corresponds to the territories of the 12 Israeli tribes.

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Day tours in northern Israel - upon request
These special tours can be combined into a 3-day tour in northern Israel, and can form the basis of a tailor-made tour that explores these themes throughout other parts of Israel as well.


Astrological tour – Astrology in Judaism, Paganism, Christianity
Astrology has a major part to play in all 3 religions as well as in ancient cultures. In this special tour we will use the subject of astrology to get to know the history, land, people and religions of Israel.

We will start by visiting an ancient synagogue in Bet Alpha, where a beautiful mosaic floor, 1,600 years old, was found. The zodiac appears on the synagogue floor, as it does in many of the synagogues from that period in Israel. We will explain the importance of astrology in Judaism, how it relates to the 12 tribes of Israel and to the 12 stones on the breastplate of the temple high priest.

From the synagogue we will walk to a beautiful Zen garden that belongs to the Japanese Christian sect of the Makoia, located at the foot of Mount Gilboa. There we will talk about the 4 elements and how they appear in the Zen garden, in Christian symbolism and in astrology.

From Bet Alpha we will drive to the nearby ancient Roman city of Bet Shean, one of the best-preserved archeological sites in Israel. We will explore the Roman city, talk about the different Roman gods and their relation to the planets, and discuss astrology as the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 3rd century A.D. We will walk up the Temple area of the city, where ancient remains were found, starting from Egyptian times 4,000 years ago, and going through biblical times, when King Saul’s corpse was hung from the city wall.
From Bet Shean we will drive to an impressive crusaders’ castle situated on a high mountain nearby. We will talk about the importance of astrology in medieval times and how it appears in heraldry and Christian liturgy. We will finish our tour in the old synagogue of Tiberius, where another beautiful mosaic floor featuring the zodiac was found.


Stone circles and giants - Megalithic tour of Israel
Few are aware that Israel is considered to be, by most archeologists, the birthplace of the great megalithic cultures of Europe, - the ones that went on to build the great stone circles of Stonehenge, Avebury and others.

In the Golan Heights we find the earliest stone circle in the world, 150 meters in diameter, as well as many other Megalithic (huge stone) sites

Our tour begins by going to Rugum Hiri, a huge stone circle directed towards the rising of the sun on the longest day of the year. From there we will go to Gamla nature reserve, where we can find many Megalithic tombs of all kinds. Gamla is also a place of canyons with waterfalls, the nesting place of eagles, and an important historical site – an ancient Jewish city that was the last stronghold of the Jews in the north against the Romans.

From Gamla we will drive through the Golan Heights to a huge enigmatic fortress hanging above the cliffs, at the foot of the highest mountain in Israel – Mount Hermon. The local population believes the castle was built by a legendary hero, Nimrod the giant, who in the Bible competed with the gods for world supremacy. Only he could build such an impressive building using such massive stones. In fact the building was built by the great Mamluk ruler, Bibars, who managed to stop the Mongols of Genghis Khan from invading the land.

On the way from Gamla to Nimrod castle we can see more of the basalt canyons of the Golan Heights, a unique geological feature, where nature is at its best. We can see a lake within an extinct volcano, or  travel by cable car up to the summit, of Mount Hermon.


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