Mysteries of Israel | Zeev Ben Arie

Zeev Ben Arie

Zeev Ben Arie, Founder and Manager of "Mysteries of Israel."

Zeev was born in Jerusalem in 1961. Raised by a mother who was an archeologist and a father who was geography professor specializing in Jerusalem, the talk around the dinner table was about king Herod…

Zeev started his personal spiritual journey very early in life and in 1987 initiated a new kind of tours in Israel – ones that focused on mysticism, religions and cultures, from an esoteric and New Age point of view.  Zeev is a prolific writer and lecturer and one of the leading figures in tour guiding and spiritual activities in Israel, offering tours in Israel and abroad, both in English and Hebrew. In addition to being a licensed tour guide, he is also a whirling dervish.


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