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Shadeli Sufi Order

The story of the shadeli yashruti Sufi order, in Israel

In 1841 a young Sufi sheikh of the shadeli order came from north Africa to tier in Lebanon on his way to Mecca, there the prophet yona appeared to him in a dream and ordered him to go to acre, the capital of Palestine at the time, and there to renew the religion of Islam. The young sheikh's name was ali nur a din el yashruti.

After ali came to acre he established there a new Sufi order. He taught his disciples that the time of Muhammad was a time of fighting the physical idols, but now is a new time in world history, a time of struggling with the spiritual idols, idols like greediness, hate.... Now is a time of mental and emotional purification, and the first step towards it is to love all humanity, Christians and Jews and Muslims alike.

Ali was very successful in his teaching, many people flocked to acre and recognized his spiritual authority, among them was the ottoman sultan at the time – Abdul hamid, who gave his followers as a present big property of land in Damascus, acre, Beirut, and all over western Galilee and south Lebanon.

The order built its world center in acre, a very big and impressive zawiya, a big zawiya in Damascus, a very big zawiya in Beirut, and many other centers all over the world, they number now 4 million people, the current leader is professor ahmed yashruti who is the personal lawyer of king Hussein from Jordan, and is leading the order from Amman.

Ali nur a din died in 1895, after him followed his son – Ibrahim yashruti as the leader of the order until 1922. After him the grandson – Muhammad al hadi became the leader of the order for almost 60 years until 1980. The times were turbulent times. The tensions between Jews and Arabs in Palestine increased; al hadi was a foremost speaker against violence and towards tolerance from the Arab side. He expressed his dismay from acts of terrorism that broke out in 1929 and again in 1936. He came into direct confrontation with the Muslim mufti of Jerusalem, and even was targeted by extremists' as a target for assassination in those years. Al hadi supported the partition plan of Israel and tried to convince the Arab side to accept it. But to no avail. In 1947, few months before the independence war broke, a stone arch in the zawiya in acre collapsed, al hadi gathered the disciples and told them that as the stone collapsed so will Palestine fall, he ordered to close all the centers of the order in Palestine, including the big world center (zawiya) in acre, and to move all the community to Beirut, and to reestablish their world center there. In this way the order was saved from destruction and al hadi could continue his important work of spreading the word of god and renewing the religion of Islam, al hadi lead the growing yashruti community through the Lebanese civilian war as well, managing to keep good contacts with all sides, managing to earn the respect of al sides, and even in the current conflict between Shiites and Sunnis the yashruti center and community wasn't hurt.

In the late 50ths al hadi sent his son to Cairo to graduate in law studies, after becoming a lawyer the son – ahmed yashruti got an important job and position in the Jordanian government, there he rose in power, especially after playing a key role in calming the atmosphere between Palestinians and the government after black September. In 1980, after the death of his father, he became the leader of the order and moved the headquarters from Beirut in Lebanon to Amman in Jordan. After the peace agreement between Israel and Jordan was signed ahmed came in 1996 to a visit to acre were his father, grandfather and great grandfather are buried. It took the yashruti order some years to get their properties back, but now they are rebuilding a huge and beautiful complex in acre, on an area of almost 2 hectares. The complex is planned to be finished within a year, and then the grand sheikh will revisit Israel and maybe even stay in acre for a month each year, same as he does now in staying for a month every year in Beirut and a month in Damascus.

It is interesting to note, as well, that the brother of sheikh ahmed yashruti is an important millionaire in kattar in the Persian gulf, lately he contributed nice sums of money to Jewish educational institutes in acre. As well the wife of the ruler of kattar is from the family of sheikh yashruti as well.


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