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Goddess and feminine


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The Goddess

The ancient gods of Israel were in fact goddesses and not male gods. The most important one was called Baelet, and her cult center was in the city of Megiddo. The goddess was also worshipped in megalithic sites around the land, some of them 5,000 years old. Society was led by women. This all changed 4,000 years ago, when war tribes invaded the land and destroyed the ancient peaceful civilizations, but still the belief in the goddesses persisted and existed even amongst the ancient Israeli tribes.

Come with us to explore this unknown and fascinating story in the history of Israel.

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The goddesses the change in ancient history from belief in the great mother to great father
Throughout the ancient world, 4,000 years ago, the most important change in world history happened: we moved from a matriarchal society to a patriarchal society; from belief in a female god, the great mother, to belief in a male god, the great father. This change appears in the archeology of the ancient cities of Israel, and is echoed as well in the Bible stories.

We will start our tour in the ancient city of Megiddo (the biblical Armageddon), one of the most ancient cities in the world, were we can see the change, in temple buildings and in rituals, from female god to male god. Megiddo was the main place of the goddess cult, which centered around the round stage in the temple area. In biblical times, the center of the goddess cult moved to the nearby city of Ezreel and was headed by Queen Isabel.

From Megiddo we will drive to the biblical city of Ezreel, and from there to Mount Muhraka, where the final battle between the worshippers of the goddesses and the worshippers of the male warrior god of Jehovah, headed by the prophet Elijah, took place. 




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